Brooklyn Will Be A Perilous Swamp In 2080

Manhattan or the Everglades?
Manhattan or the Everglades?

A dispatch from the mayor’s office on the future of climate change in New York City has some super grim news for the future. Enjoy this super deep-freeze while you can, because the five boroughs are about to get a whole lot swampier and also more underwater. It’s also going to be much rainier and snowier, and extreme weather will become more of a frequent feature of life. Awesome.

The report projected that sea levels will rise 11 to 21 inches by the 2050s. Which means, according to this map, Park Slope would be well on its way to becoming an actual island. ¬†Annual temperatures will rise between 4.1 and 5.7 degrees by that time, which, again, sounds pretty sweet right now but won’t be so great when we’re in the midst of summer waiting on a train.

But Bill de Blasio is¬†on it. No, actually. He’s vowed to cut greenhouse gas emissions and has a plan in place to gird the shoreline of the city against future extreme weather events.


  1. 2012 I had a dream in green point of exactly this right after it happened and there were gypsy cabs stuck in the mud, snakes in the water and everyone was pissed because they couldn’t get to the subway without having to walk through various puddles higher than the waistline. It’s crazy to read this.


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