It’s Been Colder Than Normal For 22 Days Straight


Can you no longer remember a day when you didn’t have to dread being outside? That’s because it’s been very, very cold outside for three weeks straight, and there’s no let up in sight. Today’s snow is just a brief uptick in the temperature before another blast of arctic air arrives on Thursday to knock you right back into your Smartwool. The New York Times looked into it, and found that today is the 22nd straight day without above average temperatures and, should the forecast hold, temperatures this week will average 19 degrees below normal.

Per Bill Goodman of the National Weather Service, this deep freeze is thanks in part to activities in Siberia. “There was a big ramp-up of something we call the snowfall advance index during the month of October in Siberia,” he told the Times. That index roughly correlates with how cold it gets in winter over here. And! Some forecasters predict the third week of February to be the coldest one on record. So at least it’s not just you.


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