Brutal Cold Is On The Way

(via Accuweather)
(via Accuweather)

I know, it’s winter. It’s not like cold weather should be a surprise, exactly, and it’s not like we really trusted those groundhogs to begin with. But honestly, when it dips down to single digit numbers in the forecast, it’s hard to remember that February is going to be over in another short 16 days. Like this weekend, when some meteorological hocus-pocus will result in a very long stretch of sub-freezing temperatures. Two back-to-back polar fronts are swooping in today, and they’ll leave you wishing for the balmy 30 degree days that we’ve had lately.

Tomorrow, for example, temperatures aren’t expected to get any higher than the teens. Like fifteen. And then Saturday, a wind chill temperature has the potential for actual frostbite. Plus there will be a couple of them clipper storms rolling in to dump a little snow on the chill grey landscape. When we told you to stay frosty, we weren’t being literal.

New rule: Don’t leave your house until the temperature is at least your age. Will that require us to be increasingly shut-in over the next decade? Yes. Are we ok with that? Also, yes.


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