Name a Cockroach After Your Ex for Just $10 at the Bronx Zoo

And what would you name this little guy?
And what would you name this little guy?

Remember how, for a little while, the whole Internet was going crazy over the idea of sending glitter to its enemies? Like, take that, enemy! You’ve been glitter-bombed! But then, remember how that whole thing was a hoax? And so if you wanted to have revenge on an enemy, you would have to find a different way? (One that would probably not involve glitter, unfortunately.) Well, in case you’ve been having trouble figuring out exactly what that revenge should entail, never fear because we are the Bronx Zoo is here to help.

New York’s only legal place to keep tigers (seriously, do NOT keep a tiger in your apartment), the Bronx Zoo has brought back its incredibly popular (ah! why had we never heard of this before??) program through which you can name one of the zoo’s Madagascar hissing cockroaches for only $10! The program started in 2011 and even though it makes not only the perfect “gift” for an enemy, it also makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the one you love! I mean, think about it: Cockroaches can survive anything—even a nuclear holocaust. You know what else can survive anything? YOUR LOVE. And Twinkies. So, you know, in honor of how strong your love is this V-Day, name a cockroach after your partner. Or give them a Twinkie. Or do both! These are very inexpensive gifts. Have some fun with them.

h/t Jessica Misener 

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  1. Brian Blair. … there, I named my cock roach….. Cock being the immense part of that being…. crush him. I’m sure he’ll never die. Lol


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