Brooklyn Heights Loses Another Beloved Business: Siggy’s Will Close Next Month

Siggy's sunny interior. photo via Yelp
Siggy’s sunny interior.
photo via Yelp

There are some Brooklyn neighborhoods where it seems like every day brings news of another closing business (what’s up Williamsburg), but then there’s Brooklyn Heights. If any neighborhood in Brooklyn seemed impervious to the whims of rising real estate prices, it was Brooklyn Heights, if only because it had already been expensive for so long. Plus, there are so many truly mediocre restaurants lining Montague Street (we won’t name names, but locals know what they are), that it feels like the area is immune to the prevailing whims of places like Bushwick or DUMBO. But then this past summer, the beloved landmark Brooklyn Heights Cinema closed after 44 years in business, and today brought news of another much-frequented locale’s impending demise. All of which is to say: Goodbye Siggy’s. We’re really going to miss you.

Gothamist broke the story today that after ten years of serving up incredibly healthy, pretty tasty food and drink, Siggy’s will be closing for good on March 1st. The owner cited the reasons for closing as being “many, mostly bureaucratic,” and added that it “was the hardest decision I have ever had to take in my life, but could not avoid… It is sad very sad.” And for those of us who work in Downtown Brooklyn, it is indeed sad, very sad! In this culinary wasteland mostly populated by chain restaurants, Siggy’s was a solid place to go for a bowl of quinoa and vegetables, as well as a glass of wine to give us strength for the rest of the day. There just aren’t that many places like that within walking distance of our office. One cannot live on Chipotle and cheap deli sushi alone! Siggy’s lovers can take heart in the fact that the Manhattan location will remain open. But, ugh: Manhattan. Who even goes there anymore if they can avoid it? Not me.

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