Brooklyn Cyclones Are Hosting A Saved By the Bell Night

via the Brooklyn Cyclones
via the Brooklyn Cyclones

Because we can’t all travel to Bayside High in 1993, the Brooklyn Cyclones are bringing it to us. The Coney Island team announced yesterday that they’re hosting a Saved by the Bell night on June 24, to kick off their season-long “Way Back Wednesday” series. The night will feature an “I’m So Excited” Fan Cam, a Screech Powers Chess Tournament, an Oldest Cell Phone in the Ballpark Competition, and a “Sprain” Dancing Competition. Bless you, Brooklyn Cyclones.

Appropriately enough, the Cyclones will be taking on the Tri-City Valleycats that night. Yes, that’s real. And the team will wear special jerseys like those pictured above that will be raffled off after the game. Also, from the Cyclones site: “Anyone named Johnny Dakota is banned from the ballpark because we ‘Say Nope to Dope'” and “after the game, fans with perms or wearing stonewashed jeans will be allowed to run the bases.”

Given how quickly the Seinfeld night tickets went, you’d be wise to jump on those as soon as you can. They’ll go on sale in May, but a limited edition “Baseball to the MAX” package, which includes a picnic and commemorative t-shirt, will go on sale next Wednesday at 10 pm. Be there or lose your lunch.


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