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Christine Zimmermann is the content marketing manager at Startup Institute.

Working at a startup is about disruption. It is about moving fast through uncharted territory, hacking unexpected problems, building creative solutions, diversity in roles, connecting, collaborating, and owning your career path.

If you find yourself uninspired by your corporate 9-5, it may be time to give startups a chance. New York City’s tech scene is a small but powerful force, poised for great growth, and Startup Institute is shaping the next generation leaders of Big Apple innovation.


Startup Institute’s eight-week program in “startup dexterity” will give you the skills, mindset, and the network you need to get a job and thrive at a startup. Lessons in web development, sales & account management, technical marketing, and web design are hands-on and industry-relevant, shaped and delivered by experts in New York City’s startup scene. Each day, you’ll learn from New York’s tech greats, and connect with leaders looking for talent to grow their own teams.

The core curriculum brings all four tracks together for hackathons, group projects, and soft skills workshops, while individuals engage with staff one-on-one for personalized career mentorship. The day-to-day experience simulates a fast-paced startup environment, teaching you to turbo-charge your impact and effectiveness. A group project will send you on-site to one of New York City’s hottest high-growth companies to experience startup life from the inside while you solve real-world challenges. Back on campus, a staff of startup experts and career coaches will work with you one-on-one to find you the job opportunities that best align with your own passions and goals.


We’re gearing up for our spring session in NYC, beginning February 23. Come meet us at our free info-session and panel on Finding a Startup Job You’ll Love, tonight at 6:30pm. Apply now to start a conversation with an admissions specialists about how you can join the movers and shakers in New York City’s tech scene.


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