More Awful Weather Is On The Way

via Accuweather
via Accuweather

Don’t let the relatively balmy weather outside your window fool you. Even though today the high is a balmy 40 degrees, more disgusting snow/ice/rain/who-even-knows is on the way tonight and into tomorrow, with the added bonus of sub-freezing temperatures to harden all that dirt slush back into treacherous dirt ice! I hope you didn’t take off your snow boots. Those’ll probably be fused to your feet until, I don’t know, May?

Flurries are due to start tonight, which will dump a coating of one to two inches on top of the frozen mounds of trash that currently decorate our medians. Then, to top it off, a blast of arctic air will whip through the city, meaning that highs on Friday will be like, the teens or twenties. Remember the summer? When you would go outside because it was nice out, just to chill? And not just shuffle from place to place in misery? Hang on to that memory. You’ll need it.


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