Beyonce and Jay Z Are Abandoning Us, Moving to LA


The days of spotting Beyonce and Jay Z at Roberta’s or a Brooklyn Nets game or latest Williamsburg warehouse art exhibit are over, at least for now. Both of them are betraying us all and moving to sunny California, where I guess there are things like “fresh citrus in the backyard” and “sun” and “hiking.” The two have reportedly decamped from slushy, embattled New York City to look for real estate in the west side of Los Angeles. But Beyonce! What are we going to do with the Barclay’s Center now?

The two have, according to TMZ, even enrolled their 3-year-old Blue Ivy into “an elite private school” in Beverly Hills to the tune of $15,080 a year. They aren’t even waiting until they find a place; right now they’re living in a hotel. They wanted a “change of lifestyle,” according to the gossip site.  See! See what you have done winter? This is why we can’t have anything nice.  We’re betting that they’ll be back at some point, though. They better be.


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