Complain About the Subway, Get Free Pizza


Complaining about the subway is practically a New York City-wide sport that we all participate in regularly. But rarely do you get anything from it except for a nod of sympathy, or another harrowing commute story in return. But what if you could not just kvetch about public transit, but get fed while you do it? No, it’s not a trap. It’s a new think tank from the Rider’s Alliance set for tomorrow on how to make the C Train less of a miserable, terrible experience for everyone who rides it.

I am on record calling the C train the worst line in the system because (you guessed it!) I live off it, and am thus forced to take the most rattletrap of all subway cars in my pursuit to leave my apartment. (A terrible idea anyway, I know, but what are you going to do.) So if you, like me, like pizza and have opinions about the C train then, buddy, this event is for you.

It starts at 7 pm at Bed-Stuy’s Brooklyn Movement Center tomorrow night. (Thanks for the heads up, Brokelyn!) So go and give your two cents about how to make the train better, because soon you’ll have to pay a quarter more for that horrible experience anyway.


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