Goddamn, No Weekend L Train Between Manhattan and Brooklyn for Six Weeks


Oh cool, guys, as if the L train wasn’t unpleasant and gropey enough: For six straight weeks, starting on April 11, no L trains are going to run between 8th Avenue and Bedford Avenue on weekend. Yep! No L train service between Manhattan and Brooklyn until late May. Hope you didn’t have any plans to leave Williamsburg/Bushwick, because that will not be happening, unless you want to contend with the shuttle bus from the Lorimer Street stop to the J/M/Z. Or, you know, the G train.

Via a tip from Brokelyn, here is all the hell that you can expect while commuting on or near the L train from late March on: Starting on March 24 and running all the way to May 22, the L train will not go between 8th Avenue and Bedford Avenue between midnight and 5 a.m. Sure hope you don’t have a job that has unusual hours!

But look, take heart. At least you don’t live off the C train.


  1. This reads like it was created by a pretentious hipster. And what exactly does your C train comment imply? Sounds like first world problems to me. I live off the L line and somehow someway i think i shall survive. Stop being so dramatic Susan Lucci. Smh


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