Subways, Buses Back at 9am Today, Travel Ban Lifted

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So about that world-ending city-destroying historic epic very serious blizzard that every city official was warning about yesterday: Turns out it wasn’t that bad? (¯\_(ツ)_/¯)In fact if you look out your window right now, I bet you will see not snow zombies, but instead a very pleasant but not necessarily life-threatening amount of snow coating the ground. It’s supposed to keep accumulating a bit until the early afternoon but, yeah, maybe not enough to shut down the public transportation grid of an entire metropolitan area. So, accordingly, Andrew Cuomo announced that subway and bus service will begin resuming at 9 a.m. and, by around noon, be back up to “Sunday service” level, a.k.a, “kind of terrible but not so terrible that you would walk.”

Cuomo made the announcement at a press conference at 8 a.m. this morning, in which he also defended his decision to shut down the transportation network and cause a sort of mass snow-related hysteria in which every liquor store and bagel store was sacked for supplies.  “You make big decision based on the best information you have,” Cuomo said. He noted that taking the subways out of action and storing them underground meant that they could respond quicker to the storm.

Meanwhile, De Blasio lifted the New York City travel ban earlier this morning, and the rest of us are stuck with a lot of canned goods and like, four to six inches of powder. I’m calling it: This is the “Did I Shave My Legs for This?” of blizzards.

(People in Long Island and Boston, it should be noted, did not get off quite so scot-free from the storm ravages: It’s still coming down hard North of us, and I guess a dude dressed like a yeti has been wandering around? )

But here in New York City, as always, when our mayor promises a taste of the apocalypse and fails to deliver, the rest of us will grumble about it and be less compliant in his directions when the next disaster comes.


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