There’s a Line Around the Block at Trader Joe’s in Cobble Hill Because All of Brooklyn Is a Stereotype

We're pretty sure these people are only buying the essentials. Photo courtesy of David Shaw
We’re pretty sure these people are only buying the essentials.
Photo courtesy of David Shaw

Lest you think for even one minute that people are taking the Blizzard of 2015 aka Juno in stride and not acting like a Saturday Night Live parody of how New Yorkers act in an emergency, let the photo above prove that many people in Brooklyn are working their hardest to be the perfect stereotype of a city-dweller in a storm. I mean, there is literally a line around the block for Trader Joe’s. Around the block

Which, you know, I like that cookie butter as much as anyone else does, and Trader Joe’s hummus does in a pinch when there’s literally no other hummus available at all and yet you REALLY want hummus (what? it’s grossly chalky and yet compulsively eatable, making for a dangerous combination), AND YET, I can not get behind people acting like we’re in a The Day After Tomorrow kind of scenario. Sure, just like in that seminal film, wolves coyotes are already roaming the streets of Manhattan, but is that really any worse than the ongoing rat problem? I fail to see how! Grocery hoarding pre-storm is one of those things that makes perfect sense if you live in, I don’t know, the suburbs or Staten Island, but if you live in the Cobble Hill area, I have news for you: You will still be able to get food tomorrow. You just will! There is no need to drive, and you are never more than a block from someplace to find food. The worst case scenario is going to be that you might—might—need to wait till Wednesday to venture out. Unless, you know, the coyotes have fully taken over by then. Which is always a possibility (and we will be the first to welcome our coyote overlords) but not one that anyone should get all that worried about yet. Not at all.

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  1. I live down the street from this TJ’s and this article neglects to mention that there is an equally long line extending around the store every Sunday. So maybe Brooklyn just needs a few more Trader Joes.

    • Oh…now that is crap, Bahij. I live literally in the two trees building across across the street and in the 5 years I’ve lived here there have been perhaps 6 times I’ve seen a line out the door….1 x = Sandy, 1x=our largest blizzard last year, 1x=a blizzard back in 2010….and a few more random times related to the Super Bowl or some other silly thing where there were a few too many people in the store and a line of 5-10 people outside.

      You make it sound like every single Sunday people go stand in breadlines waiting for food from TJs.

    • That mentality is ruining this city. There are thousands of delis (that range from very small to rather large) where you can buy everything you need. Fine if you feel compelled to only buy groceries at Trader Joe’s but we do not need additonal chains taking away business from small businesses that have supported this city for so long.

  2. I can see that the author is in denial about the storm and its fearfulness. Failure to panic at times like these makes you an outsider and you know what we think of those. Please at least get out and buy a package of emergency crackers to show us you’re not trying to make us all look foolish. Thanks.


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