Subway Rider Burned With Acid


Sweet mother, as if riding the subway wasn’t bad enough, now we have to worry about being burned by actual acid?  A man riding the northbound D train yesterday was hospitalized after a bottle of acidic cleaning fluid that he jammed into his pocket leaked and ate through his clothes at the height of rush hour. When did riding the train turn into something from a Batman villain origin story? 

The man was attended to by the paramedics at the 42nd street stop and rushed to NewYork Presbyterian, the Daily News reports. His injuries are being treated, and are not thought to be life-threatening (just really gnarly.) Firefighters had to hose down the train car, and then the MTA took it to a train yard to be thoroughly clean. Why is that again? Oh yeah. A leaking pool of acid on the floor.

It’s unclear why the dude was carrying acid in his pocket to begin with. And luckily, no other passengers were injured. But it could have been so much worse. Do we really need the MTA to make a sign that tells people not to bring acid onto the train at rush hour? Really, please don’t. Leave your acid at home.



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