Your New and Improved New York Post Covers: Now with More Genitalia Jokes!


Good morning, everyone!
Good morning, everyone!

We don’t really know anyone who reads the Post for much more than the cover headlines. But you know, sometimes that’s enough. Especially when some news story happens that’s a goldmine for the crack headline-writing team over at New York’s most infamous tabloid. And that’s just what’s happened with this week, thanks to the news that the New England Patriots allegedly cheated in their playoff game last Sunday by slightly deflating the balls they used. And last night’s Late City Final edition featured not one, but TWO genitalia related jokes. And a speech bubble! The Post only loses points here because they failed to give Gisele the Lichtenstein treatment here, but, it’s ok, we get it: They were on deadline.

For more ball-related Post wood (what? that’s what you call the front page, we swear!) check out the Post cover archives here, and treat yourself to every cringe- and swoon-worthy pun the Post has made at the expense of Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and, like, all of New England. There are worse ways of spending your morning, there really are.

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