Tomorrow Night, Find Out What a Snacktacular Is at Fritzl’s Lunch Box


While we might personally be pretty over the idea of food mash-ups, what we’re not over is chef mash-ups, i.e. when two of our favorite chefs band together to create a menu of pure awesomeness, thus making the sum even more delicious than all of the already tasty parts. All of which is to say, see if you can grab a ticket to the 1st Annual Dan and Max Snacktacular at Fritzl’s Lunch Box tomorrow night. You won’t regret it.

Joining forces for the Snacktacular are Fritzl’s head chef, Dan Ross-Leutwyler, and Max Sussman, formerly of The Cleveland and Roberta’s. This duo were responsible for one of the best (and most affordable) meals I had all summer at Sussman’s (now sadly closed) restaurant The Cleveland. The two collaborated on one of a series of Sunday Suppers that Sussman threw in the restaurant’s backyard, and my companion and I feasted on grilled lamb and bread with tomato and, ah, so many impeccably delightful things. The Snacktacular’s menu (see below) is incredibly impressive and features everything from ‘nduja with tomatillo jam to a buckwheat crepe with pickled mussels to a date-stuffed leg of lamb with jasmine rice pilaf. Every course is paired with a beer or cider, and it can all be yours for $65.

Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite, but reserve soon because they’re going fast.

Fritzl’s Lunchbox: 173 Irving Avenue, Bushwick



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