“Funny Subway Etiquette Video”: A Real Life, Lycra-Filled Version of Those MTA Ads

Funny Subway Etiquette Video Screenshot from the Youtube Video by CJ Koegel

So, you know those MTA subway etiquette signs that are everywhere now, shaming the manspreading, nail-clipping, Showtime-announcing among us? Sure you do! They’re the ones that feature Goofus and Gallant-esque, faceless red-and-green figures to represent what not to do when you’re underground. Well, now, thanks to New Yorkers CJ Koegel and Chris Zelig, you can see what would happen if those signs suddenly sprang to life, leaped off the wall, and ran amok in the subway system. 

Via the Village Voice, we learned about the video (which can be seen in full below) and were suitably impressed at how well Koegel (in the red) and Zelig recreated everything from the horrors of manspreading to the athleticism required to be a Showtime performer. Is it a little bit creepy to see two faceless men in skintight, don’t-hide-anything Lycra bodysuits? Um, no. We don’t think so! But maybe we’re creeps ourselves. Hard to say. Anyway, watch for yourself and let it serve as yet another reminder to never, EVER run on the platform. That shit is not just bad etiquette. It’s really fucking dangerous.

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