Chuko is Coming to Bushwick With A Beer Garden


Oh, you lucky North Brooklyn residents, rejoice. The beloved Prospect Heights ramen joint Chuko has decided to open up a Bushwick ramen outpost for your satisfied slurping and over-consumption of crazy delicious fried brussels sprouts. And you won’t even have to wait that long before you avoid trekking to South Brooklyn for some of that sweet noodle action: The owners are hoping to be up and running in the new space by March.

The new place will be at 144 Evergreen, reports the Village Voice, most recently home Evergreen Ice Cream. And the Bushwick Chuko will have new and excellent features like longer hours (the one on Vanderbilt closes between lunch and dinner, but this one will be open nonstop from noon until midnight) and an expanded menu, integrating some of the items from Bar Chuko, the izakaya spot the owners opened last year across from the original spot.

Co-owner Jamison Blankenship told the Voice to expect “more ramen options, more appetizer options,” and, of course, more beer. “We’ll be going to the next level. We want to be the Levi’s of ramen shops, with a very comfortable, timeless quality,” he said. Ah, Chuko. You are already the, um, old frayed jeans of ramen in our hearts.


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