Nightmare Come True: Man Dies After Falling Through Sidewalk Door

New_York_City_bench_and_Cafe_27 (1)

Surely on the running list of every New Yorkers’ deepest fears, this one is up there along with window-washer rig snapping  and getting stabbed on the subway platform: On Sunday, a man in Bed-Stuy plunged to his death after stepping on the metal cellar doors embedded in the Brooklyn sidewalk. Not even WALKING is safe in this city.

The man, who was in his 30s, was walking along Bedford Avenue on Sunday around 3 p.m. when her set foot on the metal doors of an abandoned building at 1281 Bedford Avenue, according to the New York Daily News A witness saw the man disappear into the bowels of the cellar. “The thing just opened,” he told the News. “He was walking. He wasn’t paying attention. The thing is loose. And he disappeared.”

Defective cellar doors are out there. Avoid them! Be careful out there, pedestrians.


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