AirTrain To LaGuardia Is In the Works, Hallelujah


LaGuardia Airport is a harrowing experience, no matter how many Zen breathing exercises you remember as you wait in the mile-long security line. And that’s when you get there. Trying to wrestle a suitcase on public transportation from Brooklyn? It’s awful. But now getting there might be slightly less terrible, thanks to a plan announced today by Governor Andrew Cuomo to build a second AirTrain that would connect LaGuardia with the Long Island Rail Road and the 7 Train.

Plans are in their very early baby stages just now, so don’t expect to be able to avoid the train to train to bus route anytime soon (the AirTrain to JFK took from 1998 to 2003 to build, for example), but Cuomo is confident that they’ll be able to get construction going without too much hassle. Mostly that’s because Willets Point, the neighborhood that the new train is running through, isn’t really a residential area.

“It runs basically along the Grand Central Parkway,” Curomo said, according to DNA Info. “It’s basically an industrial area. You’re not talking about neighborhoods, etc. We need a couple of months to work up the design and then have some real estimates as to how long it will take.”

And you know who we have to thank for this new development? Good ol’ Vice President Joe Biden, who remarked that LaGuardia looked “like a third world country.” Apparently Cuomo took the criticism to heart.


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