Carroll Gardens Restaurant Offers a Kim and Kanye-Themed Valentine’s Day Menu

Wild Boat Osso Bucco Courtesy of Brucie
Wild Boat Osso Bucco
Courtesy of Brucie

Brucie is easily one of our favorite restaurants in all of Brooklyn because of the consistently inventive, ever-changing menu courtesy of chef Zahra Tangorra, whose food never fails to delight and surprise us. So it doesn’t really take a special menu to get us to head over to the Court Street spot—we’d probably be going there anyway. But the recently announced Valentine’s Day menu has us particularly excited. Why? Well, it’s Kim and Kanye themed, and what else is Valentine’s Day about other than celebrating the greatest love of all time? 

The menu (which can be seen in full here) consists of two different tasting menus, one Kim- and the other Kanye-oriented. Kim-diners can expect to enjoy “Stuffed Kalimari,” in which the cephalopod is filled with “kauliflower,” pistachio, raisin, and salsa verde among many other K-foods; Kanye-lovers will be treated to things like “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” which has squid ink tagliatelle, duck confit, coconut, and microgreens. There’s also the option to share an entree for two, like “The North West,” which consists of Pacific Northwest salmon en croute and bacon-braised greens. And don’t worry—you don’t need to order all the Kim or all the Kanye items; you can mix and match. Because Kim and Kanye’s love represents nothing if not flexibility and the realization that love (and, we guess, dinner) is all about what you want it to be, not about what anyone tells you it should look like. Or, you know, something like that.

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  1. This is not Carroll Gardens. I dunno why I feel inclined to point that out as I don’t exactly want to be associated with things like “Kim & Kanye” themed dinners, but this is Cobble Hill!!!

    • It pretty much straddles the border of the two neighborhoods, but you’re right, a close inspection of neighborhood boundaries does put it in Cobble Hill. Or, in keeping with the menu, should I say Kobble Hill?


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