A New Williamsburg Hotel Will Feature Brooklyn’s Biggest Tourist Trap Ever

Wythe Hotel
photo via Instagram, natch

Williamsburg’s Wythe Hotel will be facing some stiff competition soon: A new, eight-story hotel is due to open up on N. 10th Street, mere feet away from the Wythe. However, the competition will not be coming in the form of dueling room reservation systems or anything. Rather, the Wythe will now have its status as “Brooklyn hotel most frequently seen on Instagram” challenged by this hotel arriviste, because, according to plans revealed in a recent community board meeting, this new hotel plans on featuring what will probably become Brooklyn’s biggest tourist trap ever: A bar in a water tower.

Via Bedford + Bowery, we learned that the forthcoming hotel “won the tentative support of Community Board 1” last week in its bid for a liquor license. But this hotel doesn’t just want to serve its liquor in any old bar setting. No, that would be too banal. After all, you can drink alcohol in a regular bar anywhere else in the country. Instead, this new hotel wants to have one of its bars (it plans on opening six separate ones within its confines) offer an honest-to-goodness, true-to-life Brooklyn experience, so it’s only natural that it should plan on opening a “30-seat bar and lounge in a rooftop water tower.” After all, nothing says “Brooklyn” more than “rooftop water tower,” and I don’t know about you, but I don’t drink anywhere that isn’t a rooftop water tower. That kind of regular rooftop drinking is for plebes from Manhattan.

The hotel—called The Williamsburg Hotel (SEO gooollld)—is slated to open later this year, and when it does, you’ll know it, because shots of that water tower bar are bound to be as ubiquitous on Instagram as images of the Wythe’s now iconic “HOTEL” sign. Cool. FINALLY there’s something real to look forward to in 2015. I was getting so worried.

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