Sign Up for IDNYC, Get Free One-Year Membership BAM, The Met, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, More


Next week, according to reports, the Mayor de Blasio is going to start rolling out the IDNYC, a municipal identification card. “Wait just a minute,” you might say. “Why do I need yet another wallet-clogging card? What use is this thing?” A-ha! If you ever want to go to one of the city’s many cultural institutions, ladies and gents, this card is worth your while. For the first year that you have an IDNYC, you’ll get in free to no less than 33 of New York’s museums, zoos, gardens, and other cultural institutions. In Brooklyn alone, that essentially means a free one-year membership to BAM, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and Brooklyn Museum. If you put down cash for a year basic membership to all those places, that would normally cost you a total of $185. Sweet.

The program kicks off January 12, and you can sign up for the card at any of the 12 enrollment centers listed here. There’s a long list of other participating institutions including Carnegie Hall (so that’s how you get there), Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York City Ballet, the Museum of the Moving Image, and the New York Hall of Science. That rules.

An added bonus of the card is that it means you won’t have to sign up for a separate borough library cards. The card lets you check out books from any library branch in the city. Anyone 14 years and up is eligible for an ID, including undocumented immigrants and those without drivers licenses.


  1. You didnt even answer you own question: “Why do I need yet another wallet-clogging card? What use is this thing?” –So its just a card for cultural exhibits? What is the cards purpose beyond that if you have an nyc drivers license as id?


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