Vandal Steals Lug Nuts From NYPD Parking Lot in Bushwick


Oh, yikes. Perhaps in an effort to help along that virtual work stoppage, a vandal attempted to sabotage several police and police-owned vehicles by loosening or stealing their lug nuts. All four cars with compromised lug nuts were parked in an NYPD lot in Bushwick, on Dekalb Avenue near Wyckoff Avenue. The parts were discovered missing on Tuesday morning, though no culprits have yet been nabbed. Please alert someone if you see a dude with a pocket full of lug nuts, I guess?

Cops across the city are being warned to check their vehicles for potentially sabotaged parts, the Daily News reported. The incident did nothing to lessen the tension between police and city official, which has built steadily since the grand jury trail that did not indict an officer who choked Eric Garner. The assassination-style killings of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu on December 20 have police officers across the city on edge for potential attackers. So do yourself a favor and leave those cop cars alone.


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