Red Hook’s Fort Defiance Debuts All-Emoji Menu

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.57.02 AM

Do most of your correspondences nowadays involve cat faces, floating hearts and fireballs, punctuated by the occasional (amongst friends, at least), grinning pile of pop-eyed cartoon poop?

Then you should be perfectly equipped to decode the brand new menu at Red Hook’s Fort Defiance, which (during their “Sunken Harbor Club” tiki pop-ups on Thursdays at least), has elected to do away with the pesky alphabet completely, in favor of an all-emoji drinks list. 

In the mood for a White Zombie? The creamy coconut milk cocktail is denoted by three pallid skulls. The impish ape followed by two baseballs? It’s a Monkey Gland, of course; a potent concoction of gin, orange juice and absinthe. Even the omnipresent poo icon comes into play at Fort Defiance, paired with a horned ram to represent the Poo-Bah — we have no idea what’s in that one, frankly, but maybe its better that way.

In the pursuit of time-saving technology, it appears we have officially come full circle, by bypassing the English language entirely in order to grunt and point at pretty pictures. Well, we guess it only makes sense after one too many rounds of (frond) (frond) (fist) Planter’s Punch.

365 Van Brunt Street, Red Hook


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