What Is Even Happening With This Hood-Surfing NYPD Officer?


Look, a virtual work stoppage is one thing, but some of these NYPD officers seem to have really gone overboard with the whole playing hooky thing. At least that’s what it sure looks like in this video, in which one of New York’s Finest appears to be joyriding on the hood of a cruiser when the car came to a sudden stop, and he slides off and hits his head. What is going on here, you crazy kids?

Per WABC Eyewitness News, the incident happened close to 8:00 am on Monday morning, which must have been a really boring hour for crime-stopping or something. The cruiser was heading through Kensington when the incident was recording. The officer, as yet unnamed, was taken to Lutheran Medical Center for non-threatening but still probably pretty embarrassing head injuries. (He’s reportedly conscious and alert.)

A witness named Michelle Bistrova saw the antics on her walk to work. “I think it’s pretty bad given what’s going on in the world, in America especially with the cops.”

Uh, yeah, we’d agree.


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