Human Torso and Other Body Parts Found Floating Near Coney Island

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Even though the New York Post’s arguably greatest but definitely most notorious front page story is “Headless Body in Topless Bar,” the tabloid decided to go for a far more sedate headline when reporting on a gruesome discovery made by cops in southern Brooklyn last night: “Cops Find Torso Floating in Brooklyn Creek.” Which, damn. It’s like nobody even tries anymore.

According to the Post, a 911 call tipped police off to the presence of a severed human hand floating in a creek inside Gravesend’s Calvert Vaux Park, not far from Coney Island. Police made a further “grizzly discovery [sic]” when they happened upon a human torso (assumed to be from the same person as the hand) in the waters near Bay 46th Street and Shore Parkway. Although the body has not been identified as of yet, the Post reports that authorities “believe it to have been in the water for a while.”

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