“Direct Shot of Arctic Air” Hits New York City Tomorrow, Prepare to Freeze


Boy, remember that luscious warm air that bathed New York and made everything 60 degrees? It was practically May already! I hope you enjoyed it because ICE-POCALYPSE OF DOOM AND CHAPPED LIPS is almost upon us. Highs in the 20s! The coldest air o the season! Some errant gust of arctic weather! Seems like a pretty good time to never leave your apartment again.

Per the arbiter of doom, Accuweather, things are about to get real, real cold starting tomorrow. Some Canadian cold air is heading south because of wind and also science. The highs will be in the 20s this week, about 19 degrees colder than the average temperatures for this time of year. And we’re not talking like two days of cold and relief. This is the beginning of a week-or-so span of frigid air. You will not be able to get through this without a hat. I see you. Do not attempt to not wear a hat.

Plus on Tuesday, there may be snow thanks to a “clipper system.” So if you’ll excuse me I’ll just be bricking myself into my apartment until June.


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