Man Bites Cop, Scalds Him With Coffee


Here is a very bad way to deal with getting arrested. A 46-year-old man suspected of beating another man with a cane threw a cup of hot coffee into one cop’s face and bit the hand of another officer who was trying to arrest him. The bite was hard enough that it broke the cop’s skin. Bad call, dude.

The incident occurred at 2058 Deli, a bodega in East Harlem, police told DNA Info. The suspect, Kenneth Wright, had purportedly beat another man with a cane at 5:30 pm on December 16. About an hour later, when he returned to the deli, witnesses called the cops, which is where things went oh-so-badly. Wright was charged with two felony counts of assault. He’s due in court on January 22. New Year’s resolution, 2015: Don’t bite cops.


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