Greenpoint’s “Save the Palestine” Water Tower Has Been Re-Painted, Looks Terrible

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 12.57.18 PM

Hey, guys! Just when we thought Brooklyn’s skyline couldn’t get even more basic and blah, we were proven wrong. Via Greenpointers, we just learned that the Greenpoint water tower which has sported the not-quite-proper-English phrase “Save the Palestine” has been painted over a boring gray.

The water tower in question, which also featured a painting of a Polish flag, had sported its unique graffiti for at least a decade, and was also notable for looking like it was comprised mostly of rust. But no longer does it look at risk of dissolving into a ferrous cloud of dust over West Street. Nope, now it looks just as banal and repainted, rather than, like, improved upon. Ah, well. As far as things worth getting upset over in 2014, this ranks pretty low. Still, though, enough with the gray. Do we really need this city to feel any more dystopic? We think not.

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