Apply Now for East New York Apartments Starting at Under $500/Month

Photo via MHGArchitects
Photo via MHGArchitects

Interested in saving money on rent? Ha ha. Talk about your rhetorical questions, right? Right. Of course you are. Rent consumes a ridiculous amount of our incomes (some estimate that it eats up as much as 60%, which sounds about right) and so we’re always interested in hearing about affordable housing—particularly when it happens to be not only affordable, but also chock full of amenities. But that kind of real estate unicorn doesn’t really exist, does it? Finding an apartment like that only happens to characters on basic cable TV shows, the kind of characters who pay for their low, low rent with their jobs making cupcakes (so New York!), right? Wrong! You’ve got it all wrong.

Via Brick Underground, we learned about a new affordable housing-development in East New York that is now accepting applications for apartments that go for as little as $494/month for a one-person studio and max out at $1,317/month for a four-bedroom. The apartments are part of the environmentally conscious (like, we’re talking solar energy) Gateway Elton II complex located at 516 and 524 Vandalia Avenue, in East New York, not far from the Gateway Mall. The area used to, literally, be a landfill, but is now being developed as a brand new community, with a new school and plenty of room for retail growth, public green space, and general community development. Plus, those affordable apartments!

Applicants can go here to see if they qualify, and should act fast: applications have started being accepted as of last Friday. It’s worth noting that these apartments are predicted to be very in-demand (they are also conveniently located near the A/C, 3, and L subway lines), but, hey, you never know? Maybe someday you’ll be one of the lucky few in New York who don’t spend most of their salary on rent. Fingers crossed!

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