A Christmas Storm Is About to Ruin Your Travel Plans


Remember around Thanksgiving, when a nasty Nor’easter turned holiday travel into a sloppy, icy, gross nightmare? Oh, sure you do. And if you liked travel-pocalypse 2014 the first time, you’re sure to love the sequel. We’re about to get round two of terrible weather turning airports and roads into a big, gross mess, just in time for you to try to get home for the holidays. Gusty winds, torrential rain, and fog are going to make that trip to your grandmother’s house just that much more delightful. And the worst of it will hit smack on Christmas Eve.

The early stages of that big Christmas storm are going to start tomorrow, with ice and rain building north of New York. Tomorrow is a good day to get out of New York while the going’s good, if you have the option. By Wednesday, the weather is going to seriously mess with your travel plans, particularly if you’re heading anywhere in the Midwest or Deep South.

“We are concerned about rapidly melting snow, combined with heavy rain leading to a stream and river flooding situation in northern New England,” Accuweater Senior Meteorologist Henry Margusity said. 

The good news is that if you’re staying in New York for the holidays, the worst that’s going to happen is a rainstorm forcing you to stay in and drink tea/scotch and eat cookies which may play nicely into your pre-existing plans. The trouble is really if you’re trying to get out of here. (Those big wind gusts and airplanes are not the friendliest with each other.) Though it’ll be mighty windy: Gusts could reach 40 mph on Wednesday night in New York City.



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