The Barclays Center’s Roof Sprang a Leak During A Nets Game

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 9.51.37 AM

The billion-dollar infrastructure of the Barclays Center apparently wasn’t sufficient to handle a little rain. Last night, in the midst of the game between the Brooklyn Nets and Miami Heat and the light rain falling outside, the roof sprang a leak. Officials halted the game in the midst of the first quarter after they noticed water pooling on the floor which, yeah, isn’t an ideal situation for basketball players sprinting back and forth.

The extremely high-tech response to the problem was to haul out some towels and a trash can to catch the falling water. It was, as this video jokes, probably the first rain delay in all of NBA history. The Brooklyn Game caught the moment on camera.

So their solution is basically the same one that we would use? I guess that’s both comforting and not great, given the amount of money poured into that stadium/Justin Bieber fan receptacle area. Apparently the problem was thanks to the Center installing a green roof.



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