Park Slope Woman Changes Name To Princess Chocolatto

(via Dolce Vite LLC)
(via Dolce Vite LLC)

The Park Slope hot chocolate proprietress formerly known as Christina Summers, owner of Italian sipping chocolate company Dolce Vite Chocalatto, has decided to make the separation between person and brand even thinner by officially changing her name to “Princess Chocolatto.” The soon-to-be-ruler of Chocolatto, who usually dresses in head-to-toe orange and a flower crown, is super, super into hot chocolate, in case you weren’t clear on that point. She started a petition in May advocating that bad hot chocolate should be categorized as a “crime against humanity.”

“My customers call me that anyway, so I figured I’d make the change,” Chocolatto told the New York Daily News. “Once you go chocolatto you don’t go back.”

She broke the name change news to her folks a couple weeks ago. We’d try to argue with the choice, but honestly, “Princess Chocolatto” is a lot less twee than the names a lot of Park Slope parents have chosen for their wee ones. If you must, you must.



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