SantaCon Will Start In Hell’s Kitchen This Year, Appropriately Enough

If you havin’ Santa problems, I feel bad for you son

Now that SantaCon is officially avoiding Bushwick and the Lower East Side, the list of places to absolutely not go near on Saturday has narrowed somewhat. (Though, you know, rogue drunk Santas are everywhere; let’s not pretend that this particular group just loooooves following rules and ordinances.) Per an intrepid resident of the East Village, the SantaCon kickoff party will be at Pacha in Hell’s Kitchen. So if you wish to avoid being puked on by someone wearing red velvet with white fur trim, avoid midtown if at all possible. That pretty much holds true all year long, not just at SantaCon.

The tip comes from EV Grieve, via someone who registered and paid a $10 donation in order to be privy to a preview of the SantaCon route. It’s not guaranteed, but Hell’s Kitchen seems to be the first stop on the all day Santa carouse-a-thon. If you live there, batten down your hatches and stay indoors or head to the places in the city that you know SantaCon won’t be. Do not feed the marauding elves liquor under any circumstances. Maybe toss them a bag of Cheetos if you’re feeling charitable.



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