Eric Garner’s Family Has Set Up A Donation Page

(via Indiegogo)
(via Indiegogo)

If you’re feeling helpless about the recent grand jury decision that acquitted the police officer who killed Eric Garner, here’s something concrete you can do: Garner’s family has set up a crowdfunding campaign seeking donations to help support his wife, five children, and three grandchildren. The fund, set up by Garner’s 22-year-old daughter Emerald Snipes, will go directly to Garner’s children, one of whom is still in college.

Snipes wrote that she plans to use the funds to help support her family and, if there’s enough money, to set up a program. “With this fundraiser I would like to bring awareness to the situation in different youth aspects such as high schools and colleges,” Snipes wrote on the page. Since the fund launched on Sunday, it has raised $16,638 out of its goal of $25,000.


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