The Bearded Lady Is Hosting An Eggnog Throwdown


Are you into eggnog? Not like, “Sure I guess if it’s there” into eggnog, like “I have my own recipe and a flask full of eggnog with me at all times in the winter, thanks for asking” into eggnog? Good news for you: Prospect Heights bar and cocktail emporium The Bearded Lady is hosting another Nogathon, If your festive holiday recipe hits the spot, then it’ll be featured on their menu. Plus, you know, fabulous prizes, the respect of your elders, infinite good cheer, etc. etc.

Here’s the deal: If you want to show off your Nog chops, RSVP to the Bearded Lady and show up on Saturday, the 20th of December with two quarts of your spiked secret recipe. Then a host of bar-goers will judge your eggnog against the other eggnogs to determine a winner. We can only assume that it will get boozy enough in there that you might be able to convince your fellow contestants and judges to re-enact the Christmas-y parts of Die Hard, too.


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