It’s Going to be a Gross, Rainy, Flood Potential Kind of Week


So I know it’s Monday and you probably want to amp yourself up for the week. It’ll be cool, right? We can get through another five workdays of living on the planet? Maybe the weather will even cooperate a little bit? No dice. Another winter storm is barreling its way up the east coast this year, but don’t expect any seasonal winter wonderlands out there. Noooooo, instead of getting snow at a seasonally appropriate time, you know, a week where there’s mistletoe and Christmas lights and snowmen in every shop window everywhere, New York City is getting three more solid days of rain. Yeah, you know how on Saturday it was so cold and wet and disgusting out that all you wanted to do is watch Netflix and not leave your house? Those kind of rainy days. Great, great, great.

Per Accuweather, “It will be a battle between marginal temperatures, snowfall rate and warm air surging in from the Atlantic,” which means a battle where probably everyone loses. It’s not going to be quite cold enough to snow in New York City, but it will be cold enough for that rain to be might uncomfortable and gross.

The rain starts tonight, and it gets really serious just in time for your commute on Tuesday morning. Plus it’s going to be cold and windy! Oh boy, oh boy. It’s going to be enough rain that there’s the potential for flooding in low-lyings areas, which almost certainly means that those treacherous puddles that look like asphalt but are really full of garbage water will accumulate near sidewalks. (Bring extra socks on Tuesday; stepping in one of those can kill your whole day.) Oh and air travel? Hahahaha, no. You won’t be doing that.



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