Bushwick’s Arrogant Swine Has Free Bloody Marys Sunday

(Photo by Jane Bruce)
(Photo by Jane Bruce)

Let’s not mince words: It’s been a terrible week. The weather is dreary, there is no justice in the world, and the news is continually depressing from every angle. So in addition to stopping by the new Greenpoint location of Xi’an Famous Foods for free lamb burgers and hand-pulled noodles on Saturday, you probably want to add in a stiff drink to your Brooklyn wanderings this weekend. Luckily for you, Bushwick barbecue joint Arrogant Swine is starting their brunch service Sunday, and luring in patrons with the promise of free Bloody Marys. Yes: Free Bloody Marys. Get ’em while they’re, um, spicy and hangover-relieving?

The new menu, via Bushwick Daily, will feature whole hog waffle sliders, banana pudding waffle, and, of course, plenty of bacon-related options. Bourbon maple syrup is also in the mix somehow. (For a longer look at the new Carolina-style Bushwick BBQ pitt, check out our own Sarah Zorn’s insider assessment.)

If you’re not into the free Bloody Mary thing then, first, who are you and can we have yours, and, second, you can just check out the Swine’s party tonight, which involves all kinds of meat and beer specials.

Arrogant Swine is located at 173 Morgan Ave. 


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