Ferguson Protestors Shut Down Three Bridges, Doused Bill Bratton In Fake Blood

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In case, somehow, you missed it, last night was an evening of deep unrest in New York City and elsewhere after a St. Louis grand jury failed to indict police officer Darren Wilson for killing teenaged Michael Brown in Ferguson this summer. Protestors gathered in anticipation of the decision in Union Square, and flooded the streets after the announcement. One demonstrator managed to spatter red paint or fake blood across Police Commissioner Bill Bratton as he was standing in Times Square on Monday night.

Bratton was not hurt, though he probably wants to get that jacket dry cleaned. After the incident, someone wrote out Michael Brown’s name in the fake blood on the ground:

Via Nick Carbone (@carbonen) on Instagram
Via Nick Carbone (@carbonen) on Instagram

Protestors didn’t contain themselves to Times Square, though. People poured over the Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Triborough bridges, stopping traffic for hours last night. A large group of protestors headed from Times Square to Harlem, where Reverend Al Sharpton addressed the crowd. When police stopped a group of protestors from crossing into the Bronx, the group staged a sit-in.

“It was expected, but still an absolute blow to those of us that wanted to see a fair and open trial,” Sharpton said. “I think that it was clear that even when you see a blow coming … it still hurts nonetheless. We said from the beginning that we had no confidence in the local prosecutor and called for federal intervention.”


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