Roberta’s Is Having A Holiday Market, Selling More Than Just Pizza


It seems that during our grand, sweeping guide to all the holiday markets you can find around Brooklyn this gift-buying-for-friends-and-people-you-feel-obligated-to season, we missed one crucial one: Roberta’s, yes that Roberta’s, is holding a holiday market in its big outdoor space.

And oh yes, there will be pizza. But not just pizza! Also alcohol, in the form of hot, spiced cider, a portrait studio that is “bad santa” themed, DJS, and, you know, probably some things to buy as well. And guess what? It’s the same weekend as the no-longer-Bushwick-bound dreaded SantaCon, a good reason as ever to head to the pizza spot. (On Roberta’s Radio, co-owner Brandon Hoy explained his opposition to the Con because “The last thing I want is a bunch of drunk Santas vomitting on somebody’s handcrafted jewelry or soap.”)

Yes, vomit is not a good way to wrap things. I’m sorry for that image! But anyway, look out for the market, which is coming at you on December 12 and 13 with all kinds of ceramics, home goods, vintage finds, and various things you can trick yourself into thinking that you’ll give to your mother-in-law while secretly just keeping it for yourself. And that’s what the season is really about, right?


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