Perpetually Late Mayor De Blasio Gifted With Alarm Clock

(Photo via Gregory P. Mango/The New York Post)

Remember when De Blasio upset mourners on Wednesday by showing up late to the annual remembrance ceremony for Flight 587? He blamed his delay on fog and having a rough night and waking up sluggish. Well, the New York Post remembers it too, and they’re not about to let De Blasio, you know, gracefully make up for it. Yesterday a Post reporter gave De Blasio an alarm clock to ever-so-gently remind De Blasio of his failure every time he wakes up. Classy!

The chagrinned-looking mayor accepted the alarm clock, the Post reports, which is one of those old-fashioned models with no snooze buttons, just for good measure:

On Thursday, the mayor smiled graciously — even commenting, “Ah, West Elm,” when told of the clock’s provenance, which was calculated to fit in with Gracie Mansion’s other new furnishings, all donated by the Brooklyn store.

The New York Republican State Committee, never an organization to miss a trolling opportunity, sent De Blasio several cans of Red Bull to drive the point home.

“We hope these cans of sugar-free Red Bull will help you cut through the ‘fog’ after a rough night’s sleep,” said a note from the GOP, a reference to the fog that de Blasio also blamed for his tardiness.

Sick burns, dudes. Of course, when most people show up routinely late for their jobs? Yeah, they get fired, not obnoxious gifts. Love ya Mayor DB!


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