Drunk Bushwick Arsonist Foiled by Neighbors


Good ways to get over a break-up: Drink with friends, go on walks, make out with strangers. Bad way to get over a break-up: Burn your ex’s house down. But that is the bright idea that one Bushwick resident had after splitting with his girlfriend of a decade.

The drunk Brooklynite, Aurelio Lopez began furiously pounding at the door of his ex’s house on Sunday, law enforcement sources told the New York Post. Tenants of the building, at Wilson and Knickerbocker Avenues, overheard Lopez ranting and threatening to burn down the building. His girlfriend stayed in the house as her fellow tenants notices that Lopez was dousing the hallway with gas and trying to light the accelerant with a Bic lighter. Unnamed neighbors wrestled Lopez to the ground, confiscated the lighter, and called the cops on him. He was later charged with criminal michief, reckless endangerment, and attempted arson, and is currently being held on $100,000 bail.

Just goes to show that knowing your neighbors is a good idea. And that setting fire to things really rarely solves the problem.


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