This Teeny, Tiny Crown Heights Home Sold for More Than a Million Dollars

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photo via Brownstoner

Crazy real estate stories abound in Brooklyn. This is just a fact of life right now. But that doesn’t mean we’re immune to whatever the latest crazy real estate story is, rather we tend to get even more surprised than ever, because new crazy stories mean we haven’t hit rock bottom yet, and that there’s still crazier things to come.

Need proof? Today, via Brownstoner, we learned that a house in Crown Heights sold for a million dollars last August. Where’s the news there, you ask? A stand-alone house in Crown Heights sold for a million bucks? Yawn, right? Except this wasn’t just any Crown Heights home—this was a graffiti-covered, dilapidated, less-than-a-thousand-square-foot house. Yup, that’s how crazy this real estate market is: A run-down house goes for a million bucks so that the new owners can tear it down and build something new on the 5,000-square-foot property.

Look, we get that this is how things work now, but… seriously? That lot is pretty tiny! And closely bordered by two other buildings (see below)! What do we know though? We’ll probably just be renting forever, because if we need to pay a million dollars just to buy something we’re going to tear down? Well, we’re pretty much screwed forever. Happy Friday.

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photo via Brownstoner



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