Secondhand Jordans Store Opens in Bed-Stuy

jordan heads brooklyn
(Image via Jordan Heads Brooklyn on Instagram @jhbk23)

A “Jordans store” is exactly what you hope it is: Jordans as in Air Jordans, as in the crazy collectible line of Nike sneakers by Michael Jordan that are so beloved that they’re able to sustain their very own, brand-specific secondhand store. Jordan Heads Brooklyn, an “all Air Jordan boutique,” is now open on Malcolm X Boulevard in Bed-Stuy.

Jordan Heads Brooklyn is essentially a Michael Jordan fan store. Though they will specialize in Air Jordans of all models, they also offer a range of Jordan merch. The physical store has been in process since the middle of summer, and held its grand opening last week. DNA Info reports that Jordan Heads even has a Space Jam poster, among other artifacts of Jordanalia.

Despite the fact that Jordan didn’t play for a New York-based NBA team, instead making his career with the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards, and is currently the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, he’s hardly out of place in the borough, as he’s originally from Brooklyn.

Jordan Heads Brooklyn’s tantalizing Instagram account gives more of a taste of what’s on offer, as well as plenty of MJ #tbt, and the store itself is full of deep-cut Jordan references, from the decor to the opening date: October 23, for Jordan’s 23 jersey number. People reselling Jordans through the store will reportedly keep 85 percent of the sale price, which a generous deal compared to the markup many secondhand stores take without thinking twice. But then most secondhand stores don’t typically sell any shoes worth coveting, and Jordan Heads Brooklyn is no ordinary secondhand store.

The shop’s website promises an online store is on its way, but for now you’ll have to drop by in person. And it’s probably better that way, anyway.


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