From Fried Bologna to Filet O’ Fish: Our 5 Favorite Trashy Brooklyn Dishes

Photo by Jane Bruce
Photo by Jane Bruce

High-end Manhattan establishments frequently get their jollies by slumming it—check out Daniel Humm’s haute-trash dishes at the Nomad Bar, including a dry-aged burger, black truffle-dusted hot dog, and foie gras-injected chicken pot pie. But if you’re anything like us, you prefer your guilty pleasure favorites delivered entirely without irony, and liberally coated with an electric orange shroud of good old American “cheez,” so get your unfussed junk food fix at the following Brooklyn restaurants!

Fried Bologna Sandwich at Wilma Jean: When we eat bologna, we generally prefer it to be without witnesses; secreted home from the deli counter of the supermarket, and slapped into pallid sandwiches along with yellow mustard and Wonder Bread. But Rob Newton openly flaunts his penchant for the wiggly rounds of lunchmeat, by showcasing it at his newest Smith Street spot, Wilma Jean. Based on one of the first dishes he made as a child, Newton fries thick cuts of Boars Head until it curls and caramelizes on the edges, then piles it on a burger bun with crunchy shreds of iceberg.

345 Smith Street, Carroll Gardens

Filet O’ Fish at Pork Slope: Dale Talde always goes for broke where junk food is concerned; forgoing culinary crutches like wagyu and foie in favor of ranch dressing, tater tots, and nachos gobbed with chili. And at Pork Slope, he does little to fancify his appetizing ode to the classic McDonald’s favorite, the Filet O’ Fish, made with fried haddock, shaved cabbage, American cheese and bacon tartar sauce.

247 5th Avenue, Park Slope

Pork Rinds at Brooklyn Bowl: Besides boasting the distinction of being totally free from ebola, Brooklyn Bowl also has bragging rights to some ridiculously delicious pork rinds; puffed postage stamps of pork fat crowned with crumbled queso, jalapeños and red onion.

61 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg

Frito Pie at Morgan’s: Morgan’s stands out from the burgeoning Brooklyn barbecue crowd with deep-fried turkey tails and direct-from-Texas Frito Pie; a split open, single serving bag of corn chips, smothered in scalding hot bean-free red chili, chopped white onion, cheddar cheese and sour cream.

267 Flatbush Avenue, Prospect Heights

Cheez (on anything you pleaz) at Roll n’ Roaster: $60 bottles of Moet are Roll n’ Roaster’s sole concession to fancypants diners. The rest of us are content with neon-colored cups of orangeade—the same shade as the molten “cheez” whiz blanketing rare roast beef sandwiches, golden corn fritters, or swollen, coin-shaped fries.

2901 Emmons Avenue, Sheepshead Bay

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