Another Target Is Coming to Brooklyn

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Despite the fact that many New Yorkers have an almost perverse amount of pride in the fact that there are no Walmarts within the city’s limits, just as many New Yorkers have an almost delirious enthusiasm for Target. (Or, as moms like to say, “Targets.”) Oh, sure, there are a bunch of reasons why this is the case, not least that Walmart is owned by an incredibly conservative, notoriously dickish family, which doesn’t pay its workers living wages. But mostly, we think this is because a lot of people in New York crave the big box store experience and Target is as close as we can get. (All due respect to the Astor Place Kmart, but, well, it’s seen better days.)

But so, for all you Target lovers out there, this news is for you: A new Target will be opening in Downtown Brooklyn. Via the Daily News, we learned that a “CityTarget, Target’s slimmed down answer to urban markets, will occupy the entire second floor of City Point, the 675,000-square-foot retail center currently under construction in Downtown Brooklyn.” The store won’t open until 2016, so you can satisfy your Target needs at, uh, the Target less than a mile away at the Atlantic Terminal. Or! You could remember that you’re not living in a place where huge box stores are your only retail option and frequent one of many small, locally owned businesses instead. Just a thought!