Parquet Courts Still Concerned About Their Butter Consumption, Sticking With “Parkay Quarts”


Brooklyn party punk dudes Parquet Courts announced they’re releasing their second album under their newer moniker, Parkay Quarts, demonstrating their true devotion to margarine rather than what we assumed was simply a convenient exploitation of homophones. According to PitchforkContent Nausea will hit stores or the internet or wherever the hell music goes these days on November 11th.

NYC record label What’s Your Rupture? is putting out Content Nausea on vinyl as well as CD for anyone who still owns a CD player. And you can listen to the first track here:

If complex word games hurt your brain, the band is sorry/not sorry, because they will be touring as either Parkay Quarts or PCPC throughout the fall and deep into winter. The latter group consists of members of PC Worship, a noisier outfit that seems always to be shredding at various venues around town.

You can catch Parkay Quarts’ nearby upcoming shows listed below:

October 21  – PCPC (with Thurston Moore) at Saint Vitus, SOLD OUT (WAH WAH)

October 25 – PCPC (with Thurston Moore) at Boot & Saddle  in Philly, ugh also SOLD OUT

October 26 – PCPC (with Thurston Moore) at Rough Trade, OK really?! SOLD OUT

November 8 – Parkay Quarts at PhilaMOCA in Philly, Sold OUT

December 11 – Parkway Quarts with PC Worship at Webster Hall, holy shit! NOT sold out. Get em’ quick.


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