DUMBO Is 3rd-Rate Fancy In 2014 Rankings Of New York City’s Most Expensive Hoods

Zumper September Rental Report - NYC

DUMBO, which, uh, might (probably) soon have its very own floating luxury pool just off the banks of the East River, beat out most of Manhattan for the title of third most expensive neighborhood in New York City. Curbed turned us on to rental site Zumper‘s September report detailing median rent prices by neighborhood.

According to this survey, two-bedroom DUMBO pads are a pricer lot than their counterparts in the real estate industry’s latest cash-baiting linguistic abomination, NoMad (“North of Madison Square Park” if you’re not an asshole), if just by a median price difference of $600. Let’s pick up the pace, DUMBO, because last year you were in 2nd place– in 2014 TriBeCA has stolen your lead.

But we’ll cut you a break this time, because we’re 99 percent sure Frances Ha had something to do with this. Before Frances’s BFF ditched her for a finance dude and left Brooklyn for that neighborhood where Jay Z lives, we had no idea TriBeCa even existed.

But DUMBO far surpasses any other Brooklyn neighborhoods gracing the list. Williamsburg is next, but wayyy down the line, pulling in at a measly 18th place with a median 2-bedroom price of $3300 a month. Shame on you posh Williamsburgers, we thought you were doing better than that–you guys only managed to climb four places this year!

Zumper September Rental Report - NYC 2

However, some of the other apparent rank jumps are actually sweat-inducing. Gowanus has jumped four places since last year, and Bed-Stuy has shot up seven (!) places. Thanks Zumper for reminding us we’re all destined to move to Jersey City by decade’s end.


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