“Not the Hitler Coffee Shop!”: Outraged, Idiotic Yelp Commenters Target Wrong Bushwick Coffee Shop

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Yesterday, we brought you the news that Michael Avila, the owner of a new coffee shop in Bushwick, posted an anti-Semitic rant to both his Facebook and Instagram accounts in which he called his Jewish neighbors “greedy infiltrators.” It was outrageous and, frankly, despicable and Avila’s later non-apology explaining that he was not anti-Semitic, just anti-Zionist was just as offensive. So it wasn’t that surprising to find out that many people were, well, offended and outraged by Avila and his bigotry. And what do people do these days when they’re offended and outraged? Well, they take that offense and outrage to the Internet, naturally! What other outlets are there these days? None that we can think of, certainly.

But a funny thing happens on the way to Internet comment sections, sometimes. People—especially those blinded by rage—tend to make mistakes in their haste to demonstrate their rage in a public forum, and that’s exactly what’s happened on the Yelp page for the Bushwick Coffee House at 44 Wilson Avenue. You see, Avila owns and operates a place that is called the very similarly named Bushwick Coffee Shop and it’s located at 203 Wilson Avenue, so we get how that’s confusing for the not super discerning Yelp user! Even so, you’d think maybe people would check twice before doing things like writing “piece of shit anti-Semites run this place” or “Highly recommended to me by my neighbor ‘Doc’ Mengele.” or “Their coffee tastes like it fell out of the owners anti Semitic ass.”

Or, you know, even if they don’t want to double-check the address or name of the place, they might want to see some of the other comments pointing out that this is not, in fact, “the Hitler coffee shop.” But no. Instead, on the Internet—just like in real life!—people allow their emotions to take them to a place where there is no reason, only a burning desire to make a good joke about “Doc Mengele.”

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